Strategic target
To establish a new communications concept.
To establish a future business strategy in the eyes of the target group and the communicators of Siemens Russia.

The task
A VIP event for 400 guests from politics, industry, commerce and culture in Russia a „typically Russian presentation“, combined with the spirit of the „global player Siemens“.

Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder – main speakers

General direction of the whole communications show:
Otmar Demharter

Siemens in Russia’s future.
Russia’s integration in Siemens’ global network.

Special feature
The event was to be carried out only by Russian agencies.

  Structural basic considerations

To find a form, which takes up and highlights every nuance of the Siemens message.

Music as a frame around the 150 years’ old story: two young composers from Russia and Germany combine their talents to compose a signature music for the show via internet. The classical medium of music connects to the medium of the future that is internet.

A new form for a Russian event: music directly after a speech reflecting and illustrating the content.


  The performance

  The past


A colorful row of flags in front of the location, the Shostakovitch-Philharmonic Concert Hall in Sankt Petersburg.

Following the demands of Russian tradition a brass band plays to greet the guests, here in the historic uniform of the Russian Siemens officers.

In the grand foyer of the Philhamonic theater actors play the parts of workers out of the past with original exhibits from the history of Siemens technology.

Finger food and welcome-cocktails accompanied by classical live music.


  The present

Ceremony in the Concert Hall

The welcoming sight of forty nobly decorated dinner-tables greets the guests as they enter the gleaming white, classically built Concert Hall.

An unobtrusive sound-collage creates the appropriate ambience.

Charming Russian Siemens-hostesses show them to their seats.



A look at the „ Global Network of Innovation“:
Live organ music, Bach: Toccata and Fugue, perfect for the mathematical-
technical content of Multivision.
The guests see a film of the story of Siemens in Russia on the big screens.



The ringing tone of a mobile phone disturbs the applause after the film. It is the
distinct tune of the Toccata again. Heads turn to the central gangway: a young
boy stands there and is talking on his mobile phone. The chief hostess asks the boy to join her on the stage. Soon the two of them turn out to be the evening’s presenters. Ivan, the young lad, explains to Olga, the hostess, that he likes Siemens’ technology because it makes his life easier ( especially mobile phones, the most popular Siemens product in Russia) – but otherwise he is not a technological freak. On the contrary: his dream is to become a concert-pianist. Together they present the first speaker of the evening: Siemens’ CEO.

CEO Speech

From global to local: Siemens now.
Russia’s position in Siemens’ global network.


  „The Global View“ – Live Performance

The CEO speech is followed by its artistic interpretation. The audience sees
Ivan playing his first concert, now ten years later. His solo concert leads to
„The Siemens Theme“, the first performance of the German-Russian composition.
It takes the guests on a journey through the continents ( appropriate changes in the music style, matching projections of continent-typical motives), closing with the leitmotif in a Russian style. The message: the spirit of Siemens reaches Russia.


  Video projections

The map of Russia on the big screens.
Portraits of Russian Siemens-workers recount the most important
The faces accumulate until the whole map is covered.
The final one introduces the next speaker.

Speech by the manager of Siemens Russia

The local perspective and the new profile of Siemens Russia.

„Feel the Power“ – Live Performance

The concert-pianist performs with other musicians from different parts of Russia. The „Siemens Theme“ modifies from classical to jazz: Russian know-how has an influence on Siemens.


  Speeches Vladimir Putin / Gerhard Schröder

From local to global: the mutual path into the future.


  „Dedication to the Future – Live Performance

Message: the future begins now!
Five pianists at five grand pianos positioned in five parts of the auditorium
(the five continents). A new kind of musical concept; an impelling closing concert in live Surround Sound symbolizes Russia’s inclusion in the global network, optically enhanced by a projection across the whole hall. The guests become an integral part of the show. They find themselves belonging to an all encompassing network heading for the future


  „Taste the Future“ – Catering

Light-change in the auditorium: discreet colours, modern pastel tones.
They create the background for the six-course gala dinner prepared and delivered by the Grand Hotel Europe. Avantgarde tableware and decor underline Siemens’ orientation towards the future. Added to this is a discreet accompaniment of a Remix-Technology sound-collage to encourage table


  “step by step – Siemens!“ – Dance Performance

The basic fields of the Siemens enterprise are interpreted for the stage in
Vivienne Newport’s modern choreography which is performed by dancers from the legendary Maryinsky Theater. The set consists of the big screens upon
which an artistic rendering of each work-field is projected. Each picture is cited on the plates of the guests as each of the six courses are served.


The Future


After-Show Party in the Foyer

During the stage-show the foyer is newly decorated with the colourful atmosphere-of-the-future the guests are now acquainted with from the dinner. Around the „Future-Bar“ numerous Siemens business units present their Future-projects: flatscreens and 3-D demos show the extent of Siemens’ innovation.





After an eventful evening the guests leave the auditorium and go down the staircase. At the foot of the steps is an oversized portrait of the young Werner von Siemens. A last gesture from the host – he winks good-bye to his guests.

At the exit each guest is offered a “Siemens-150-Years-Gift“: a CD of the evening’s music, a Siemens anniversary book and a mobile phone from the „Limited Edition“, with a Russian design conveying the message of the event: „Dedicated to the Future!“