Rehearsals in Moscow:
Otmar Demharter directing
the live-transmission from the Space Station ISS with Commander Yuri Onufrienko.


  Otmar Demharter:

D o n ’ t   b e   a f r a i d   o f   a r t !
In my Live Communication work:
Art in all its forms has never only a decorative function.
Art always serves the conveyance of the message.
Art is power.

T h e   t i m e   f a c t o r
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
We often hear, that the greatest projects came about in the shortest of times. But: really efficient communications shows, effectively directed at the target groups, necessitate time and mutual trust.

T e a m
I prefer to work with trusted partners: this guarantees an optimal result, helps to cut costs and and spares my nerves (see
But of course I would be interested in getting to know your trusted partners too.

S e p a r a t e   P a r t s
Of course it is also possible to book separate parts out of my portfolio,
e.g. the concept or the direction.


I look forward to working with you